About Us


Ojas Nature offers products that will become an integral part of a balanced diet. We have a range of 100% natural products, which include traditional Indian pickles, chutney, and vinegar.

In Indian traditions, pickles are an essential part of the meal. No meal in a household is complete without it. Ojas Nature makes homemade pickles from scratch with fresh and best-quality ingredients. We use raw items directly from farms and grow mangoes for pickle at our farms in Saharanpur , Uttar Pradesh. We dry our pickles naturally in the sun, and the pickle properly absorbs the spices after spending 20 days there.

Ojas Nature employs rural women who have made pickles for decades and follow the traditional way of preparing them, which gives a homely taste. This is also a way of creating opportunities for women to help them become financially independent.

We also have Sugarcane vinegar and Jamun Vinegar. It is a good option for diabetes patients and those who want something to improve digestion and boost their immune system. We don’t add artificial preservatives because our products are made with fresh and quality materials to ensure pure and healthy products for our customers.

Each time you savour a product from Ojas Nature, allow yourself to pause and reflect on the wholesome goodness and love that goes into each product. Food is handcrafted in our kitchens, not mass-produced.