Kathal Ka Achar 400g Home Made Jackfruit Pickle 400 g Glass Jar | Sun-Dried, No Preservatives

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5 / 5 | 4 reviews
400 G (PET JAR) Pack of 2 - (PET JAR 400 G) 400 G (GLASS JAR)

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Jackfruit (Kathal), mustard oil, red chilli, salt, turmeric, asafoetida, fennel seeds,fenugreek seeds, coriander seeds , Black caraway

Tastes : Tangy, Spicy, Sour, and Salty

✔️ For preservation, we only use a small amount of oil.

✔️ The pickle appears dark brown from the beginning and takes on darker shades as it ages.

✔️ Traditional, homemade, sun-dried pickle made in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, from locally grown mangoes.

✔️ Be sure to store it in a cool, dry place. To take the pickle out, use a clean, dry spoon.

 This is a Vegetarian product.

Homemade Jackfruit(Kathal Achar) Pickle, a delicious and healthy addition to your meals! Made using traditional methods by village women, our Jackfruit (Kathal) Pickle is 100% natural, with no preservatives added. The pickle is homemade with care and attention to detail, ensuring that each jar is of the highest . It is perfect for adding a tangy and spicy twist to your meals. It can be paired with any dish, be it rice, bread, or as a condiment. The natural ingredients used in our homemade Jackfruit (Kathal Achar)  Pickle provide several health benefits. Jackfruit are rich in antioxidants, which can boost your immune system and improve digestion. The spices used in our pickle, such as mustard seeds and fenugreek, also have several health benefits, including aiding digestion and reducing inflammation. By choosing our homemade Jackfruit(Kathal Achar) Pickle, you are supporting village women who make this pickle with love and care. So why not add a healthy and delicious twist to your meals with our homemade Jackfruit(Kathal Achar) Pickle? It's the perfect condiment for any dish, and its natural ingredients provide several health benefits that are sure to leave you feeling great. Try it today and taste the authentic flavors of the village!

Nutrition Facts
Typical value per 100 G (approx)
Carbohydrate 39.66 g Fat 1.24 g
Energy 178.64 Kcal Saturated Fat 0.44 g
Protein 2.21 g Trans Fat 0.00 (BLQ)
Sugar 1.81 g Fibre Fat 14.27 mg/kg
Sodium 30535.86 mg/kg


FSSAI REG NO. : 22722397000772

Storage Instructions

  • Keep away from moisture.
  • keep in a cool and dry place.
  • Always, choose a clean and dry spoon.
  • Keep the jar tightly closed when not in use.

Ratings & Reviews

5 out of 5
Sujeet Kumar Sharma
5 Very Delicious
Reviewed on 22 Oct 2023

Taste is very adequate in nature, quality is super and oil and spices used are of good quality, too much more than others available in market.

hira ali khan
5 Very good
Reviewed on 16 Sep 2023


Abhishek Singh
5 Delicious and Versatile Pickles!
Reviewed on 01 Aug 2023

I appreciate that pickles are made with high-quality ingredients and without any artificial preservatives.

5 Good in taste
Reviewed on 28 Jul 2023

Liked for original ingredients,oil,spices, taste like home made and main thing is no preservation ,liked it much more,didn't get taste in other product available in market

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